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Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Vietnam

Swagelok eDTR - electronic Desktop Technical Reference

swagelok edtr

Your Swagelok encyclopedia has arrived.

The Swagelok Electronic Desktop Technical Reference (eDTR™) software helps you quickly find Swagelok solutions for your fluid system applications -- it's free, easy, green, and always up to date

It can easily be updated with a simple click of your mouse – so you can always have the most current information at your fingertips. It installs quickly onto your hard drive from a flash drive that's pre-loaded with the eDTR software.  Within minutes you will be experiencing time saving features engineered to lighten your workload plus these additional benefits:

  • The eDTR software is complimentary and offered at absolutely no cost to you- shipping included
  • Save time and resources – the eDTR software will help you be more efficient and productive and it provides a “green” alternative to the traditional paper catalog
  • Your electronic desktop reference can always be current. Updates are downloaded to your computer via the Internet through a “one-click” update process – no more waiting for literature deliveries or quarterly CD-Rom revisions
  • Updates are made available monthly when new Swagelok components are added or published literature is revised.  You will be notified whenever updates are available to download
  • An intuitive user interface makes the eDTR software easy to navigate
  • The eDTR software contains all of the current product literature  
  • Instantly find Swagelok components via “search”. Search by keywords to pinpoint a solution – plus you’ll find a wide range of related components that provide alternative solutions
  • The eDTR software is very portable – you don’t need to be connected to the Internet or a network to utilize the eDTR software (Internet access is required to receive eDTR software updates)

No more fumbling through multiple catalogs or binders to find what you need. Reduce the clutter and replace your bulky catalog racks with our eDTR software. Request a copy today: call our hotline +84 (0) 936 42 0804 or email to

*Swagelok Vietnam is the authorized Swagelok sales & service center for Vietnam and Cambodia. Click here for details of our Service Area. If you are outside of this area, you must contact your local sales & service center to request a copy of the eDTR.