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Subsea Weld Fitting Dimension Changes to Elbows and Tees – Notification of Change


Due to product improvement efforts, the 1/4 and 3/8 inch subsea weld fitting hex wrench pad and weld tangent length dimensions will be changed as shown below, increasing manufacturing efficiency. The

overall length and center lines are not affected. This is effective immediately.

These dimensional changes affect the elbow and tee configurations of these sizes only. They will apply to all materials of these sizes and configurations (316L, alloy 2507, and alloy 625).

Orders received going forward will be manufactured to the new dimensions. The dimensional changes will be reflected in an upcoming revision to the Subsea Weld Fitting catalog, MS-02-481, expected to

be released in Q4 2020. Please contact Natalie Hagan for a copy of the updated information prior to that release as needed.

Note: Ordering numbers that include a process sheet will be manufactured to the current 7/16 inch hex wrench pad and weld tangent lengths noted below.

Subsea Weld Fitting


For questions regarding this notice, please contact:

Ngoc Nguyen

Swagelok Vietnam QMR Assistant


Hotline: +84 936 42 0804