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ICM Commissioner Software

Smart Product Software
ICM Commissioner Software

ICM (Intrinsically Safe Intelligent Control Module™) Commissioner

The ICM Commissioner is a PC software tool that allows you to initially configure or modify the configuration of the Swagelok® ICM.

The ICM Commissioner software provides these capabilities:

  • Change an ICM’s Node ID and bitrate.
  • Quickly test an ICM for proper operation.
  • Modify ICM Object Dictionary entries for desired settings.
  • Create and Download “User Scripts”.
  • Update the ICM’s internal firmware (software running on the ICM).

In addition to this PC software, a CAN adapter from IXXAT® and a cable to connect the adapter to the ICM is required to interact with the ICM. 

Click here to read the Swagelok Software Embedded System End User License Agreement for information on ICM Commissioner software use and the warranty that applies.

To download and install the ICM Commissioner:

  1. Click 'Download ICM Commissioner Software' below to access the ICM Commissioner download form. You must be logged into in order to successfully submit the download form and initiate the ICM Commissioner Software download.
    • The program file is 100 MB.
    • The program is in English.
    • The program is a self extracting zip file. Winzip is not needed for the install.
  2. Double click the install file (setup.exe file) to begin the installation process.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions:
    • Administrative privileges are necessary to install the software.
    • A warning that this software is from an unknown publisher can appear. It is safe to click “YES” to continue installation of the ICM Commissioner.
    • The installer will also launch the “VCI Setup Wizard” to install the drivers necessary for IXXAT CAN adapters. This is normal and is required. 
    • The latest version can be found at the IXXAT website.
    • A restart is necessary after installation for correct operation.

Included in the ICM Commissioner download:

  • ICM Commissioner Software
  • ICM Commissioner User Manual (MS-13-331)
  • ICM Commissioner FAQ

Download ICM Commissioner Software 

System Requirements
Supported operating systems Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (x32 or x64 bit)
Download size 20 MB
Installed size 70 MB
.Net framework .NET 3.5
Program type x86 (32 bit)
Language English only
IXXAT driver VCI driver version 3.5.4268 (installed with ICM Commissioning Tool)
Permissions Administrative permissions are required to install the ICM Commissioning Tool
Other requirements IXXAT CAN adapter (USB-to-CAN v2 recommended)
Cable with 12 V (dc) power to connect CAN adapter to the ICM