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FK Series Medium-Pressure Tube Fittings Now Available in Alloy 250

FK Series Medium-Pressure Tube Fittings Now Available in Alloy 2507

To meet customer needs for superior corrosion resistance, NACE and NORSOK compliance, and increased pressure ratings, Swagelok now offers FK series tube fittings in alloy 2507. This offering complements the current 316 SS and alloy 625 FK series.
Noteworthy details on the new alloy 2507 FK series tube fitting include:

  • 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/4-inch sizes available
  • Rated up to 22,500 psig (1551 bar)
  • Supports FK end connections on alloy 2507 medium-pressure valves
  • Positions Swagelok as the "preferred choice" for medium-pressure solutions in offshore applications

swagelok fittings 2507
Available Sales and Support Tools

  • Product catalog (MS-02-474)
  • Sales presentation and script (Sales PPT)
  • Case study (Customer Spotlight PDF)
  • Testimonial (Ocean Edge Services video)
  • FK fittings vs. cone and thread fittings (Assembly Comparison video)
  • Product Test Reports (eDTR and swagelok

For questions regarding these updates, please contact:

Ngoc Nguyen

Swagelok Vietnam QMR Assistant


Hotline: +84 936 42 0804