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Changes to Poppet Bonding Agent on Various Products

Changes to Poppet Bonding Agent on Various Products


To comply with updated environmental requirements, the bonding agent used on the bonded poppets and seats in select BY, CH, CW, R4, and RL3 series valves will change from Chemlok® 250X to Chemlok 6150. This will align Swagelok with international health and safety standards. The MSDS is available upon request by submitting a technical service Flowan request.

Impacted configurations are as listed below:

Popet update Swagelok

Both Swagelok and the bonding agent supplier have completed validation testing. This change does not impact product ratings.

This change will begin after at least 30 days. After the transition starts, there may be shipments containing both bonding agents until existing stock is depleted.

Check out our official letter about this update.

For questions regarding these updates, please contact:

Ngoc Nguyen

Swagelok Vietnam QMR Assistant


Hotline: +84 936 42 0804