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Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Vietnam

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New Products Updates

  1. Subsea Weld Fitting Dimension Changes to Elbows and Tees – Notification of Change
  2. Change to Sensor Lock Washer on All ALD3 and ALD6 Valves – Notification of Change
  3. Gaugeable Preswage Tool – Notice of Change
  4. Change to Base Plate on 5 and 6 Series Actuators – Notification of Change

  5. Changes to CW Series Aflas® Bonded Poppets – Notification of Change

  6. Change to BN Series Pneumatically Actuated Bellows Valve Stem – Notification of Change

  7. Upcoming Change to AFS and 40 Series Valve Handles – Notification of Change

  8. 43T Series Valve Packing Material Change – Notification of Change

  9. T Series Hose Transition to a Crimped Design Update – Notification of Change

  10. Changes to Poppet Bonding Agent on Various Products – Notification of Change

  11. Gaugeable Preswage Tool to Replace Non-Gaugeable Version in Select Sizes - Notification of Change

  12. Changes to Inductive Sensor Cable Overmold - Notification of Change

  13. ISO 5211-Compliant Pneumatic Actuator Instructions Move to QR Code – Notification of Change

  14. Notification of Change: Fluid Distribution Headers End Cap

  15. FK Series Medium-Pressure Tube Fittings Now Available in Alloy 2507

  16. Raw Material Source Change and Pressure Rating Update for J6 Manifolds – Notification of Change

  17. General Industrial Valve Component Material – Notice of Change

  18. €3‐A Compliance on TS Series Biopharm Fittings No Longer Available

  19. “B” Type VCO L-Ring Seals Being Discontinued

  20. Select Needle and Metering Valves Being Discontinued




For questions regarding these updates, please contact:

Ngoc Nguyen

Swagelok Vietnam QMR Assistant


Hotline: +84 936 42 0804