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AFS and 40 Series Valve Handles

AFS and 40 Series Valve Handles

Upcoming Change to AFS and 40 Series Valve Handles – Notification of Change

Effective January 5, 2021, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we will make a change to the nylon handles used on our standard AFS and 45 series ball valves by replacing the current brass handle insert with a more robust, stainless steel handle insert. The new handle will be easier to actuate and will incorporate the handle stop into the handle, removing the need for an additional handle stop insert. This change also aligns with our standardization efforts to streamline our supply chain by using the same handle for AFS and 45series valves.

This change will not affect the handle function or any valve ordering numbers. However, it will result in a change to the size of the handle used for 45 series valves and in handle kit ordering numbers. The new handle will carry the same dimensions as the current AFS series handle. See the diagram below for a visual example of the change and dimensional information.

The handle dimensions, material of construction, and kit ordering numbers will be updated in product literature in January. A list of ordering numbers previously sold and affected by this change can be provided by Swagelok Vietnam upon request.

Non-MTS orders will be assembled with the new handle effective January 5, 2021. However, MTS valve orders may see the old handles until stock is depleted. If your customer requires a 45 series valve with the old handle using the brass insert, we will continue to offer kits with the old handle (ordering number BZ-5K-45-BK) for up to two years and we ask that you manage those requests at your sales and service center. If you would like to requires a valve assembled with the original 45 series handle, please contact Swagelok Vietnam.

In addition, we will implementing the same change to existing 42,43, and 44 series handles effective Q2 2021, updating the handle insert from brass to stainless steel. This will make this handle consistent with the 40G handle design, which already includes the stainless steel insert. This will not change the fit or function of these valves, and there will not be any changes to end item or handle kit ordering numbers. Product literature will be updated to reflect the change in materials of construction in Q2 2021. The transition will be implemented as inventory is depleted and you may see shipments containing both handle types during this time. This is expected to have little to no effect on customers.


For questions regarding this notice, please contact:

Ngoc Nguyen

Swagelok Vietnam QMR Assistant


Hotline: +84 936 42 0804